There is no such thing as 'bad meditation', there is only overcoming yourself. I truly stand behind this statement. As well, a thing that enlightened to me in one of my recent meditations is the idea that I am not only doing it for the benefits I receive at the present moment during the meditation, but the beautiful thing is actually the impact meditation has on the rest of the aspects of life, later on, after the act of meditating.

Someone wise once said that "to meditate" is "to ger familiar with", and I feel that meditating helps me to be more conscious during the day time, to be more intentional with my behavior, to act meaningfully and to be more present and intentional in my relationships. It helps me to be more effective, productive and to step into the zone of feeling joy and happiness without any reason or conditions.

Meditation helps to unlock our potential, and reveals the unconscious layers, in which we can work upon and change there our subconscious beliefs, reprogram the mind, and create a new one.

With that being said, it is a daily work one needs to practice on a consistent basis in order to ger results. It takes time, patience and perseverance. However, time is a relative thing when you tap into that zone, since when you get into the state of no place, no time, no body, no one and no thing – and become true consciousness, nobody and everything at once simultaneously, the factor of time may disappeared. One hour of meditation may pass like 10 minutes, and instead of six months of progress, you can make the same improvement just in one week.

It is worth it. It may sound magical, too good to be true, and one may say it is too mystical. Despite it, there is a very simple method here, you do not need to be experienced to succeed in it, the only thing needed here is to look within. Especially in these times, to take advantage from the situation, and to try something new, to get deeper, to aspire to become better – better person for yourself and for others, better human being.

To become conscious of your unconscious behaviors, and to be fully engaged with the process of becoming the best version of yourself.

It's not all happy and wonderful 100% of the journey, there might be days that Netflix of Instagram will be much more appealing than to meditate, and days that you would rather do anything but this, or days that you straggle with some characteristics you want to change – and the battle might be real. It's important to acknowledge that those days can occur, and the important thing is to accept that with grace and love, despite the fact that this may "ruin" the beautiful series of "perfect days", and to remind yourself that that's a journey, and every time you overcome yourself and your previous habits, you are walking one step further towards your goal. I believe the terminology of 'goal' here might be a bit different from its normal one, what I mean by goal is not a final destination, but more as a general direction in which we decide to grow into, based on certain important parameters for us, in each zone in life.

So, be gentle with yourself, be kind. And on the same hand, be courageous and persistent, and always remind yourself the intention in your steps in life and try to walk hand in hand by them.

#happypassover #inspiredbydrjoedispenza

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